Friday, January 9, 2009

Sheliah checks in with another great plant recommendation:

This is a picture of one of my favorite Clematis. This one is called the "President" and it is truly a fabulous variety. This picture was taken the second year after planting. Usually it takes three years for a clematis to really establish and bloom their pretty little heads off. The "President" didn't get that memo and was filled with blooms it's first year. The flowers are extremely large (about 5" across) with different shades of purple. The "President" will bloom for about a month. Clematis love full sun but like to have their feet cool. I plant a low evergreen at the base to achieve this. When I purchased this variety at Skillin's I was not sure if it would be happy living at my zone 4 home. Happy it was! The "President" has far exceeded my expectations! The nice thing about all the different clematis at Skillin's is that they are inexpensive to buy, I find them fuss free, and they get bigger and more beautiful every year!
Clematis (The President)

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful, Sheila. More pictures Please! BG