Friday, July 2, 2010

Container Gardcen Update!

Earlier this year Melissa from Skillin's Falmouth wrote about her container gardening experiences while preparing to teach what would be a very popular April Container Edibles class. Here is Melissa's update!

Remember those sugar snap peas I had planted back in March/April? Well, I am now eating peas from those plants - and still getting peas from the Peas-N-A-Pot peas that were planted back in early February! They are very yummy!!

Sugar Snap Peas!

I also have 2 plantings of celery, lettuce, 3 tomato plants (they are all flowering now) some herbs, green peppers and some flowers! I am finding using containers is making adjustments in the sun levels as the summer progresses easy to deal with. As the sun shifts in the sky I simple pick up whichever container that is affected and move it to a better location!

Melissa's Container Garden!

I have been quite impressed with the success of my container garden so far. I have been getting all my salad greens from it for the past 2 months (I am on my second planting of lettuce!), and I have had 2 meals of snap peas and several from the Peas-N-A-Pot.

Happy container gardening!


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