Friday, February 4, 2011

Why Wait for Someday?

KCB is a professional gardener and friend who does wonderful work in the Greater Portland area. KCB is also an accredited Master Gardener by the Cooperative Extension Service and we are honored to have KCB as part of our Skillin's Garden Log family. KCB can also be found at the awesome Finishing Touches website.

Somewhere in my much guided youth I discovered that making an oath at the onset of a new year would not lead to a better self. With so much in need of improvement and expansion it all seemed so daunting. Never one resolution could I keep.

Fast forward to adult hood. In my thirties I had an epiphany; the anniversary of one’s birth was the perfect time to parlay personal empowerment. Many birthdays have passed and still, I only speak one language, never had a gym membership, and not one manuscript have I submitted for publication. Furthermore, my Caribbean dreaming of longed for sailing lessons are far from reality in the throes of a thriving gardening season.

Two weeks ago I celebrated another birthday. No list of what to accomplish this year was put to paper nor even pondered. Lists turn into lies when each longing is left for later. Why bother? I’m impatient. Why wait? What is wrong with now?

There is a phrase I often refer to; ‘Dream, Dare, Do’. Without the ‘dream’ there is nothing to ‘dare’ and without the ‘do’ the dream fades to disappointment. What is your dream? What haven’t you done because you didn’t dare? Another word that can be added is ‘drive’. Never at a loss for dreams or dares yet I never had the drive to join a gym or speak fluent Italian; they just seemed like something nice for someday. Was I making my resolutions for someday and not today? Do you? With words of ‘someday’ never far from my lips I let them dissolve and proclaim ‘TODAY’.

What will be your today? Embrace something you enjoy; gardening. So what if there is 2 feet of snow on the ground, you still can start today. I’m not saying this is easy. In fact it can be downright scary.

How? First, set aside the seed catalogs that you have accumulated since the New Year. Plenty of time to peruse the pages, someday. Now is the time for today.

Breakout your journal and/or release gardening pictures held hostage in the digital dungeon of your camera. What did you want to be different? What was the ‘someday’ of your summer? More color? Texture? Whimsy? Less crowding? Less Maintenance? Water feature? Sitting area? Write down your ‘someday’ list. From that list consider budget and time; focus. Realistically what dream do you dare to accomplish and have the drive and means to complete? Whittle your list down to no more than 3. The key is to start small. Disregard the rest of the list. Their ‘today’ can be revisited when the chosen become reality.

Set aside 1 or 2 pages in your journal for each item of your list to serve as the roadmap for success. Example ‘MORE COLOR IN JULY’; would serve as one heading. You will then begin to search for ‘Mid-summer’ blooming plants and include their names on this page. If ‘LESS CROWDING’ is your desire, then you will list the plants that you must divide in early spring before the crowding begins. Does your top 3 include ‘COMFORTABLE SEATING & DINING AREA’? Cut out pictures from gardening/decorating magazines. Look locally for similar items. Make note of open houses and special sales hosted by favorite gardening centers. Add the dates to your calendar. Do not wait until the someday to arrive as then it will be too late. Make a plan. Today.

There are many aids to guide you to success. In addition to the plethora of periodicals, the never ending web of internet sites, take advantage of more up close and personal opportunities. We are blessed to have the offering of gardening classes and seminars, many at no cost. Portland is home to a premier flower show and several others within a few hours’ drive; perfect for a day’s outing. Moreover, do not miss open houses hosted by your favorite family owned garden centers. This is your chance to walk among displays; learn of new & tried and true products and an opportunity to speak one on one to those in the know.

While these above mentioned events are ‘someday’, the dates and locations can be researched and reservations, if required, can be made, that’s right, TODAY!

Need encouragement. Share your vision. Create your own garden group. Assist each other. Swap plants, ideas, muscle power? The possibilities are endless. Send out your first e-mail today. Let me and other readers of the Skillin’s Garden Log know of your success.

Like you, I have my own set of ‘somedays’. Today I chose to write. I guess my laundry will just have to wait…….

Oh, and about that never sent manuscript, I still had not dared.

KCB for Skillin's Greenhouses
February 4, 2011

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