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Whatʼs New in Skillinʼs Country - 2011

Hello again, the following plants were picked by Tim Bate of Skillin's along with Becky and Elaine. This was originally used as part of a class by our Skillin's staff in Cumberland in January--we thank them as well. This is a nice listing of plants available at Skillin's for Spring 2011! Check us out--if you need driving directions visit us at!
Some New Woody Plants

Hydrangea arborescens `Bella Annaʼ

Another in the splendid series of reblooming Hydrangeas in Dr. Michael Dirr's Endless
Summer® series, Bella Anna™ is a rosy-pink flowered selection of our native American species, H. arborescens -- essentially a pink 'Annabelle'! Blooming on both old and new
wood, this 4ʼ shade-tolerant shrub regales you with big round mophead blooms from early summer through the middle of fall! Zone 4

Hydrangea paniculata ` Little Limeʼ

A new dwarf form of the ever popular 'Limelight' hydrangea, Little Lime sports the same great flowers and coloration as 'Limelight' but in a smaller package. At one third the size
(5ʼ max.) of traditional hardy hydrangeas, this new variety fits well into any landscape. Summer flowers open soft green and turn pink and burgundy in the fall. Zone 3

Chaenomeles Double Take ʻPink Stormʼ (Quince)

3-4ʼ tall. Double, camellia-like, blossoms on thornless branches arrive early in the season.
An eye-popping and car-stopping welcome to spring! Full to part sun. Zone 5

Spiraea japonica `Double Play Big Bangʼ

The bright yellow foliage has all-season interest, before and after those super-size pink
flowers are on display. A Proven Winners®/Color Choice® variety. Height: 2-3'

Deer Resistant: Yes

Exposure: Full or Part Sun. Blooms In: May-June. Spacing: 3-4'. Zone 4

Buddleia 'Flutterby Peach Cobblerʼ (Butterfly Bush)

Beautiful, peach-colored blooms against silvery foliage.
Hardiness Degree : -20°F (-28.9°C)
Blooming Season : Early Spring through Late Summer

Plant Habit : Upright

Height : 48 - 72" (122 - 183cm). Width : 48 - 72" (122 - 183cm)
Exposure : Sun

Lonicera sempervirens ʻMajor Wheelerʼ (Honeysuckle)

6-10ʼ vine. Excellent red flower color begins in June and continues throughout the growing season.
Superior disease resistance. Full sun to part shade. Zone 4

Rosa 'Oso Easy Fragrant Spreaderʼ

Its fragrance will impress you for weeks! Fragrant Spreader's soft pink, single flowers are abundant and highly fragrant. The plant will spread out to almost five feet across, making it ideal for covering large areas. It's perfect for banks and slopes. This rose does not need to be sprayed like many other rose varieties, and does not need pruning.The glossy green foliage remains free of disease, and complements the bright flower

Rosa 'Knockout Home Runʻ

Improved child of Knock Out Rose, Home Run boasts showy 3" flame red blooms all
summer long. Like Knock Out®, it is extremely resistant to black spot. But, unlike its
parent it is also COMPLETELY resistant to powdery mildew and has a higher level of
tolerance to downy mildew. Home Run also boasts a truer rich red flower and has a
more compact shape than Knock Out® growing to a desirable height of only 3 1/2 - 4'.

Rounded, bushy, fast to flower and nearly always in bloom. This is simply one of the
most disease resistant and carefree shrub roses available. Blooms early summer to
frost. Zone 4

Weigela florida 'Ghostʼ

A cool Weigela with dark red-pink flowers in spring and remarkable foliage that magically turns to a ghostly, iridescent butter yellow as the summer progresses.

Provides seasons of color. Sporadically reblooms during the summer into fall. Lightly pruning will encourage repeat flowering.

Garden Height: 48 - 60"; Tall
Spacing: 48 - 60“
Zone 4

Some New Perennials

ACHILLEA Tutti Frutti ʻPOMEGRANATEʼ (Yarrow) – NEW INTRO FOR 2011.

Magenta-Red flowers with dark green foliage. This variety is extremely disease resistant and heat tolerant and will not ʻmeltʼ in the heat of summer like other achilleas. Excellent cut flower. Full Sun. 24”-30” tall. Zones 3-8. – GW

AMSONIA hubrechtii (Arkansas Blue Star) – Perennial Plant Association Plant of the year for 2011. Native Species. Clusters of light blue, star-shaped flowers in late spring and early summer. Foliage is very fine and delicate, almost white pine needle-like giving the plant a very graceful appearance. The foliage is spectacular in the fall when it turns a gold-yellow. It is a bit slow growing but a very long lived perennial. Sun to part shade.
36” tall. Zones 4-9. WG

AQUILEGIA ʻSPITFIREʼ (Columbine) – NEW at SKILLINS for 2011. Petite variety of columbine with small, red-orange flowers with short spurs. Nicely mounded foliage. Sun to part shade. Blooms late spring to early summer. Zones 3-9. WG

ASTILBE ʻCOLOR FLASH LIMEʼ – NEW INTRO FOR 2011. Spikes of soft pink flowers. Foliage is yellowish light green tinged with burgundy. Very floriferous. Blooms early to mid-summer. Part shade to shade. 22” tall. Zones 3-8. DV

BRUNNERA ʻKING'S RANSOMʼ – NEW INTRO FOR 2011. This is a sport of the popular Brunnera ʻJack Frostʼ. Tiny forget-me-not like flowers bloom in early to late spring. The heart-shaped leaves are silver with a cream yellow margin and a light ʻfrostingʼ over the whole leaf. Leaf margins lighted to a creamy white in summer. Part to full shade. 10”-12” tall. Zones3-8. WG


Sometimes Elaine and I are just attracted to plants that can only be described as ʻfunkyʼ (or fun). The gold-yellow quilled petals of Matchsticks have fire red spoon shaped tips like a matchstick. It is a very compact variety of mum and does not require staking. Blooms early to mid fall. 18”-24” tall. Full sun. Zones 5-9. Looks great in a container. WG

COREOPSIS ʻSIENNA SUNSETʼ – NEW at Skillins for 2011. A sport of ʻCrème Bruleeʼ.
Burnt sienna (terra-cotta) flowers that lighted to peach as they age. Very long bloom time. Beautiful finely cut foliage. Blooms early to late summer. 16”-20” tall. Full Sun. Zones 5-9. WG

DELPHINIUM ʻBLUE LACEʼ – NEW at Skillins for 2011. True sky blue flowers with lavender-pink accents. Stems are very sturdy and usually do not require staking. Great cut flower. Blooms early summer and again in late summer and early fall if deadheaded. Full sun to part shade. 5ʼ-6ʼ tall. Zones 3-7. WG

DIANTHUS ʻAPPLE SLICEʼ – NEW INTRO FOR 2011. 1.5” deep red double flowers with a pale pink center and a narrow pale pink picotte edge. Blue-green grassy foliage.
Blooms early summer and again in early fall. Re-bloom will be best if dead-headed. Full sun to part shade. 10” tall. Zones 4-9. WG

ECHINACEA ʻFRAGRANT ANGELʼ (Coneflower) – NEW at Skillins for 2011. Large, fragrant white blossoms with overlapping petals and huge yellow cone. Blooms early summer to early fall. More blooms if dead-headed. Butterfly magnet and birds love the seeds in the fall. Deer resistant. Great cut flower.
Full sun to part shade. 30” tall. Zones 3-8. WG

ECHINACEA ʻSUMMER SUNʼ (Coneflower) – NEW at Skillins for 2011. Blossoms are fragrant and start red-orange and lighten to a gold orange as they age. Butterfly magnet and birds love the seeds in the fall. Deer resistant. Great cut flower. Full sun to part shade. 40” tall. Zones 4-8. WG

ECHIUM AMOENUM (Red Feathers) – New at Skillins for 2011. Another funky plant that Elaine and I could not resist. Russet-red florets in feathery spikes over low mounds of leathery dark green foliage. Very drought tolerant and grows well in poor soils. Blooms in spring with a very long bloom time. Will re-bloom in summer and fall if deadheaded. Deer resistant. Nice cut flower. ʻTHRIVES ON NEGLECT” how great is
that! Full sun and well drained soils. 10”-16” tall. Zones 3-9. GW

HELLEBORUS ʻGRAPE GALAXYʼ, ʻICE FOLLIESʼ, ʻPINK PARACHUTESʼ – NEW INTRO For 2011. Winter Thrillers series – Have been hybridized tested to be true to color, notoriously hard to accomplish with hellebores. Grape Galaxy has 3.5” grape purple flowers with flecks of dark purple. Ice Follies has 3” cream to light yellow flowers with burgundy flecks. Pink Parachutes have huge 3.75” bright pink flowers with dark pink to wine colored specks. The back of petals of Pink Parachutes are lighter blush to white.

All are very floriferus with 50 or more flowers on mature plants. Deer resistant. Blooms early to mid spring. Full to part shade. 18”-22” Zones 4-9. WG

PAEONIA ʻDINNERPLATEʼ (Peony) – NEW at SKILLINS for 2011. Very large double shell pink flowers. Rose like fragrance. 24” tall. Full sun. Zones 2-7. DV

PULMONARIA ʻLITTLE STARʼ (Lungwort) – NEW at SKILLINS for 2011. A compact variety. Very floriferous. Pink buds open to deep cobalt blue flowers. Leaves have small silver spotting. Deer resistant. Blooms early to mid spring. Full to part shade. 12” tall. Zones 3-9. GW

RUDBECKIA ʻCITY GARDENʼ – NEW at Skillins for 2011. Very similar to Rudbeckia ʻGoldstrumʼ but only 12” tall. Gold-yellow flowers. Very sturdy upright habit and long bloom time. Great for smaller gardens and containers. Great cut flower. Blooms mid summer to early fall. Full sun to part shade. Zones 4-10. WG

SALVIA ʻMADELINEʼ – NEW INTRO FOR 2011 – Large bi-color flowers. Flowers are a bright violet-blue with a white lower lip. May re-bloom if cut back. Compact, upright habit. Deer resistant. Blooms early summer. Full sun. Zones 4-8. WG

Mike Skillin
Skillin's Greenhouses
April 4, 2011

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