Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May (mid May) Garden Talks

Hello again,

Mid May brings soggy weather to Skillin's Country but the plants and lawns are growing. And the night time temps while raw are not frosty allowing some gardeners near the coast and in Portland to tempt fate by planting a little early. So far so good...although these raw temps will do great harm to vine crops like cukes, squashes, and pumpkins. Also basil does not like this cold. So no planting of vine crops and basil in Skillin's Country yet! But that does leave many plants that you CAN plant with no frost in the forecast.

Still, keep the frost blankets handy; just in case....

*This cold wet weather will bring fungus and mildews for sure to many plants. Use all natural Serenade to protect your plants against many diseases!

*Don't like the shape of your flowering forsythia? This is an excellent time to prune your forsythia--while some color still remains. Prune it to somewhat smaller than the shape you want--don't worry it will grow back quickly. Just keep the same proportions so that even growth will result in the shape you want!

*Mike's Must Have Perennial for the Week is the Creeping Phlox--aka Ground Phlox or Phlox Subulata. Read all about this great plant HERE.

Mike's Must Have this Week: The Ground Phlox or Phlox Subulata!
*Forgive the appearance of our delivery area but take a look at the outstanding patio and pool area planters we can do for you! Great value too as these plantings will look lush and beautiful all summer and fall!

Keep these planters lush with regular feedings of Miracle Gro's Blossom Booster (sold only at independent garden centers like Skillin's) or with all natural Fish and Seaweed Food by Neptune's Harvest.
I recommend the Fish and Seaweed Food by Neptune's Harvest for all container grown vegetables as well!

*Got a great question today about asparagus. Established asparagus is growing well for people. Keep cutting it in portions you want to eat! Cutting asparagus will keep it producing for you into the season. The same holds true for rhubarb. Rhubarb stalks taste best when they are small and tender. So start cutting now for tasty rhubarb now and more growth and more rhubarb later!

*Margaret of Away to Garden has a great point about this misty, cool weather: TAKE ADVANTAGE of any bouts of cooler, moister weather to divide and move perennials. Water in well, and keep an eye out all season to watch that they don’t stress.

*Speaking of Margaret, crabapple season is upon us and Skillin's Country is just a perfect place to grow beautiful flowering crabapple and flowering cherry trees. Click HERE for a Crabapple Slideshow by Margaret of Away to Garden.

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