Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Skillin’s 1st Annual Garden Social!!!

Skillin’s 1st Annual Garden Social!!!


We are looking for a few great gardeners to join us during our Spring Open Houses for Skillin’s 1st Annual Garden Social. And this is not just any Social event. No, this event will be featuring the “Triple E”: Expertise, Experience and Enthusiasm! We are looking for a few volunteers among our Skillin’s Country friends to join us for the day—sharing your Expertise, Experiences and Enthusiasm! So if this is you please contact ASAP as we have limited space.

We are looking for experienced gardeners in—houseplants, specialty plants, vegetable gardening, trees, shrubs, perennials, bonsai or roses. Maybe you are a mushroom grower, beekeeper, a home orchardist or you want to share your canning recipes. You name it we want to talk to you! If you wish to learn more and become a part of this 1st Annual Garden Social Event please contact:

Sally Bolstridge, Falmouth 781-3860 or 1-800-244-3860  Falmouth date is March 17

Terry Skillin, Cumberland 829-5619 or 1-800-348-8498    Cumberland date is March 24

Gordon Merrill Brunswick 442-8111 or 1-800-339-8111   Brunswick date is March 24

Gardening with Triple E is VERY exciting and we would love have you share it!!

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Jennifer said...

I'd be glad to attend...not sure how I could 'contribute' but happy to help or just attend! (ps...if its your first meeting it the "First Garden Social" - but can't be called 'Annual' until the second year...:-)