Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mike's Must Have Plants for Your Garden

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As the 2012 gardening season progresses in Skillin's Country, I will often cite a favorite plant as "this is a Mike's Must Have plant for your garden!"

The following list is not intended to be a complete list of all plants you  have in your garden but IS intended to provide links to the Mike's Must Have Plants I have cited in print!

Check back often as I bring more Mike's Must Have Plants to the Skillin's Garden Log:

*It is late August and we have some awesome perennials that are in great color. And we think they should be planted in your garden! These are all favorites of mine and I highly recommend them:

**Cimicifuga or Bug Bane is a great shade plant. The foliage colors range from green to a deep purple; the colors always look awesome late in the season. Cimicifuga grows to be a big plant and makes for a great anchor or highlight plant for any shade garden! Oh yes, a Mike's Must Have for sure!
Cimicifuga Brunette

**Looking for height, hardiness, standout long lasting yellow flowers and a rich green foliage? Then you are looking for the gorgeous Helianthus Lemon Queen. Many gardeners have spent hours gazing at the beauty and stature of Lemon Queen--the Time is Now for you to join in! This is a clear Mike's Must Have!

Helianthus Lemon Queen--a True Beauty

**This is the classic time of year for the perennial Hibuscus. This plant is always a late starter but a very strong finisher. Gorgeous and large saucer shaped flowers with the most intriguing of colors await you!
Seeing may be believing but the bright colors will take a while to believe. A Mike's Must Have? Oh yes!

Perennial Hibuscus--Covered in Color--a great late summer and fall choice!

**Another great choice for the garden is the Ligularia. This is an absolute Mike's Must Have and here is why. This plant grows large in both shade and partial sun. The foliage ranges from a burgundy shade to a real dark earthy green. The flowers come out in late August and are a nice deep yellow. The plant is very hardy and reliable and makes for a great anchor plant. I give this plant my highest recommendation!

Ligularia--the Rocket!

And of course, some great plant choices featured earlier in the season:


*Baptisia, False Indigo



*Amsonia, the Blue Star Perennial

*Forsythia, long flowering yellow Shrub

Mike Skillin
Skillin's Greenhouses

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