Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Show Your Garden the Love!


Following is a great post by Tim Bate of Skillin's Greenhouses:

Show your garden (and gardener!) the love with these Valentine’s Day inspired garden treasures.


We are "sweet" on this sampler of trees, shrubs and perennials that feature heart-shaped leaves or flowers.

Brunnera  ‘Jack Frost’ – Silver leaves with small, blue flowers resembling forget-me-nots.  12-15” tall. Zone 3.


Rising Sun Redbud - Rising Sun (C. can. ‘JN2) Z5

8-12’ tall and wide.  Redbud trees bloom ahead of foliage in spring with stunning  purplish pink flowers…and then the show truly begins with this new cultivar.  New heart-shaped foliage is a brilliant apricot orange color, maturing to yellow, and finally lime green in the summer, with all leaf colors combined on the tree during the spring flush.  Fall foliage is a rich golden orange.  What a way to wake up a sleepy landscape!




Ligularia ‘Britt Marie Crawford – Chocolate-maroon leaves that have a dark purple underside.  Flat daisy-like orange-yellow flower in late summer.  36-40” tall.  Zone 3
Disanthus Z5
6’ tall.  Show your garden the love with this sweet woodland shrub from the witchhazel family.  Redbud hazel, or Japanese Red Witchhazel, leaves emerge purplish red and are heart shaped. The foliage is a soothing bluish green in the summer with new foliage layering purple on the shrub, and finally changes to a rich wine red in the fall.  Diminutive red flowers open beneath the fall foliage.
Blue Cadet Hosta – A small, compact variety with blue leaves.  Lavender flowers in late summer.  10” tall 18” wide.  Z3
Maui Buttercups Hosta – small 5” gold leaves are rounded and corrugated, with good slug resistance.  Creamy white flowers in mid summer.  10” tall and 18” wide.  Zone 3
‘Valentine’ Bleeding Heart Z3
24-30” tall.  Very red, heart-shaped flowers dangle from dark red stems.  Foliage is “plum-green’ color and forms dense clumps.  A vigorous grower. 
Red Fox Katsuratree (C. jap. ‘Rotfuchs’) Z5
20’ tall with an upright oval form.  Foliage emerges a rich dusky purple in spring, turns bluish-green with purple tints in the summer, and lights up with yellow, orange, and apricot leaves in the fall.  Just before leaves drop in the fall they will perfume your landscape with the cotton candy-like scent of burnt sugar!  This variety is slower growing than the species, but well worth the wait.
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So consider showing your Garden "The Love" this Spring and Summer.

We will see you soon!

Tim Bate
for Skillin's Greenhouses
February 13, 2013

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