Monday, March 10, 2008

"New to Skillin's", Perennial Varieties, "D through G"

Hello again,

Here are a few exciting “new to Skillin’s” perennial varieties we will be introducing in 2008.

I will list a few new varieties this week and follow up with more introductions in the next few days!

I have highlighted aspects of some varieties thatI feel are some very attractive attributes to some of the plants. In other words, this one really catches my eye for this reason....!

If you would like the entire list emailed to you, just let me know at and I will send you a “Word” attachment:

EDELWEISS – Leontopodium
8”-12” tall. Silvery foliage with small star-shaped flowers. Zone 4. Bloom sping. Sun.


‘Pomponette’ . 6” tall. Mix of red, rose and white flowers. BiennialZone 4-10. Blooms late spring. Sun to part shade.


‘Siskiyou Pink’ 10” tall. Pink flowers that are slightly pink. Glossy, dark green foliage. Flowers open in the evening.
Zones 3-7. Blooms in spring. Sun.



‘Red Cascade’ 6” tall. Dark purple flowers. Gray-green foliage forms a mat. Zones 4-8. Blooms in spring. Sun to part shade.
‘Bressingham Beauty’ 36” tall. Salmon-rose flowers on arching plumes. Zones 4-9. Blooms early to mid-summer. Sun to part shade. Full sun if given enough moisture.

‘Glow’ 30” tall. Very dark red buds. Red flowers with rose highlights. Leave start out bronze-red and turn green in summer. Zones 4-9. Blooms mid-summer. Shade to part shade. Full sun if given enough moisture.

‘Sister Theresa’ 24” tall. Large salmon-pink plumes. Foliage, finely cut, medium to dark green.
Early to mid-summer bloomer. Zones 4-9. Good cut flower. Shade to part shade. Full sun if given enough moisture.

‘Summer Nights’ 3’-4’ tall. Gold-yellow, daisy-like flowers with a dark orange-brown eye. Stems are a purple red color and leaves are dark green tinged with purple. Attracts butterflies. Good cut flower. Zones 3-9. Blooms mid-summer to late summer. Sun to part shade.

FOAM FLOWER - Tiarella

‘Crow Feather’ 8”-12” tall. Deeply lobed leaves are bright green, with dark purple centers. Leaves have a great late fall\winter color of red, purple, pink and black. Slight fragrant, pink flowers in spring.
Zones 4-9. Blooms early spring to early summer. Part shade to shade.

FOXGLOVE – Digitalis

‘Candy Mountain’ 3’-4’ tall. Rose-pink flowers with speckled throats that face upward.
Strong stems. Attracts hummingbirds. Good cut flower.
Zones 4-9. Early summer. Sun to part shade.

‘Spice Island’ 4’ tall. Peachy yellow flowers. Evergreen foliage. Will re-bloom all summer spent blooms are cut back. Several spikes per plant. Attracts hummingbirds. Zones 4-9. Bloom early summer to early fall. Sun to part shade.

GOLDENROD – Solidago
‘Little Lemon’ 8”- 10” tall. Short, compact goldenrod. Flowers panicles are lemon yellow.
Nice cut flower. Attracts butterflies. Zones 5-8. Blooms late summer to early fall. Sun.

For an extensive variety of grasses please check our Nursery.

Chasmanthium Latifolium (Northern Sea Oats)
2’-3’ tall. Clump forming. Foliage is bamboo like. Drooping flowers with very attractive seed heads. Zones 3-8. Blooms mid-summer to mid fall. Sun to part shade.

Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’
1’-2’ tall. Golden Variegated Hakone Grass – Yellow leaves with narrow green margins that turn a reddish-pink in the fall. This grass has a beautiful cascading habit. Spreads slowly and is not invasive.

Lagurus ovatus (Bunny Tails) Annual in our area.
8”-12” tall. This is an annual grass in our area but it is adorable at the front of the border and it is a great grass for containers. Small clumps of fine foliage with furry little flower heads. Zone 9. Bloom in summer. Sun.

Miscanthus purpurascens
4’-6’ tall. Upright clump. Foliage starts green and turns reddish in later summer.
Fans are magenta colored and turn into silky white flowers.
Zones 4-9. Sun.

Panicum ‘Prairie Fire’ (Red Switch Grass)
4’-5’ tall. Foliage starts blue-green but begins to turn wine-red in early summer.
Flower panicles are a rosy color and appear ‘just above the foliage’.
Zones 4-9. Sun.

Pennisetum rubrum (Purple fountain grass) Annual in our area.
36”-48” tall. This grass is an annual in are area but is absolutely beautiful in containers or in the garden. Glossy purple foliage with red-purple flowers. Zones 9-10. Blooms mid summer to early fall.

We'll be back next week with more exciting varieties!

Mike Skillin
Skillin's Greenhouses
March 11, 2008

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