Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Lilac on a Stick"

Sheliah checks in again from high atop Raymond ME. If you can garden there, you can garden anywhere so Sheliah "has it going on!"
Here is what Sheliah has to say:
"If you are looking for something cool and a little different as a focal point for your garden consider a Dwarf Korean Lilac Topiary or as I call it "lilac on a stick"! It doesn't only look awesome when it is blooming but looks great all summer and has great winter interest to boot. They look small when we get them in the Nursery in the spring but they are fast growers and no work. I have never trimmed or messed with mine though I may need to in the future. It is a perfect little tree for planting low growing shrubs, flowers, bulbs or annuals around the bottom. I always get a " Wow what's that" when people see it. It's one of my favorites!"
Thanks Sheliah!

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