Thursday, April 30, 2009

Garden Happenings! Week of April 27

Hello again,

Gardening is Happening in Skillin's Country!

In this post I will be letting you know what I am doing or what I hear is going on out there in our local gardening world.

I will be updating this post with quick supplements all through the week!

So check here frequently! If you would like to contribute just drop us a quick note at OR leave a comment at the end of this post. We would love any tips OR questions from you!

Barbara Gardener checks in this week with:
"This is a garden of leftovers. Didn't have room to plant them with the rest of the family. Sort of a combination of perennials and annuals. Maybe when they come up I can find a better place to transfer them . If not that's tough! The perennials looked pretty happy where they were. One lily leftover looks a little lonely by itself.

I planted the miniature roses yesterday. Had to get it done. If they don't make it, I'll be back!"
That is a great example of assorted plants that the talented Ms. Gardener has put together. It is a "mid summer" photo but I thought I would include it just to show where we are headed!
The miniature roses Barbara is referring to are some gorgeous specimens she bought here a couple of weeks back. I love miniature roses. They grow well in the house OR are very dependable as little tiny outdoor shrubs. Just beautiful!
May 2:
What a beautiful sunny day! Good birding friend Liz Cardinale called me and wants to let you all know that the Baltimore Orioles birds have arrived; so keep your eyes peeled for them.
Also, now is the time to get hummingbird feeders set up with clean water and nectar. The hummingbirds should be arriving very shortly and having them buzz around the garden is one of the joys of our season. We sell all the supplies you need here at Skillin's for hummingbird success: great choices of feeders and just the right nectar!
April 30:
Okay so where did April go anyway? My goodness...Walking around the yard this morning before I came to work I could not help but be pleased to see from fresh grass seed germination from some late fall grass seed planting I did with my favorite Black Beauty grass seed from Jonathan Green and some covering with the compressed paper pellets called Grass Seed Accelerator. (Both products sold right here at Skillin's and both products make an effective duo for good hardy, yet very attractive rich green grass.)
The Black Beauty grass seed is a Tall Fescue and sets deep roots into the ground. These deep roots have meant for great winter survival in some areas that I for years have had NO LUCK with (the strip beside the busy road I live on and a back yard area that has been plagued by so so soil). These "deep roots" go quite deeper than most other grass seed mixes and mean for much less watering needs. How "green" is that?
Jonathan Green's Black Beauty Tall Fescue grass seed. I HIGHLY recommend it! For more info about this great product click!
April 29:
Have you noticed all the beautiful flowering daffodils right now? Some people's yards are almost ablaze with yellows and whites right now. Make a note: we have the best quality bulbs here at Skillin's and we will have some great choices for you next September and October to plant then.
In the meantime, now is a great time to get some good natural fertilizer (think Plant Tone by Espoma or Plant Booster Plus by Organica) sprinkled around your bulbs. As the foliage starts to fade, the bulbs will be pulling nutrients from the foliage back into the bulbs so they can grow a little bigger and stronger (more flowers for next year!). The bulbs will use the nutrients you provide for better growth. I try to sprinkle some fertilizer now and also a little bit more in the fall to keep a good steady supply of natural nutrients going into the soil. After all for good plants, it is all about the soil!

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