Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring: All Consuming; Yet Still Thrilling

Hello again,

I am sorry to have been away so long. I really haven't been too far away but Spring here at Skillin's has launched into hectic mode--crazy! The demands on time are All Consuming; the days are long ( I sit here in my 13th hour for the the 24th straight day of 12 plus hours) yet Still Thrilling. This is the time of the year when I see so many old customer friends at Skillin's and just a few moments ago I made new friends with some new transplants from Colorado. Being at Skillin's tires us out but for some reason the busy times and the constant talk of gardening and looking ahead thrill me so. I thank God for Him putting me here and in touch with you!

My brain is kind of mushy so we will give the blog some more effort soon.

Some quick teasers: time to get Messenger onto your roses, tall phlox, lilacs and even crab apple trees that may have shown signs of leaf spot!

*Corn gluten can still be applied as a weed preventer and natural fertilizer (we sell a great brand of it called Lawn Booster by Organica here at Skillin's; it is NOT just for lawns either!) but the days have almost gone by where it will be effective for the spring germination of crabgrass.

*I still have not applied Holly Tone to my evergreens and some of them need some greening up badly. Holly Tone twice yearly keeps your evergreens green and sturdy under most conditions!

*I took a quick walk through my yard early this AM before work. Holy smokes! I cannot believe the growth of so many of my plants in just a few days. Spring is just a thrill; it just is!

See you soon!


Mike Skillin

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