Sunday, May 17, 2009

Garden Talks May 17--Peas, frost?

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Gardening is happening in Skillin's Country where we are all about teaching you to Grow A Greener Garden!

All this rain this AM reminds me of why the peas I planted in some large tubs barely sprouted and then collapsed. Shortly after I planted them we received rains of only what I can describe a "Biblical Nature". Much rain and I believe the soil in my containers stayed too wet for too long and probably rotted the seed.

I use a mix of Bar Harbor Blend potting soil and my own compost in my containers. I must admit that the potting medium in these two containers is probably about 2/3 compost. I believe that ratio is too heavy and I should have more Bar Harbor and less compost. What I am recommending to you is that I know your own compost is cheaper than the Bar Harbor mix BUT if it is "heavier" or more dense in composition than the top quality Bar Harbor then make sure your ratio is no more than 50% compost!

Frost alert? As the rainy weather clears out and clearer weather arrives our temps are going to get cooler tonight and tomorrow night. Is frost a possibility? I think it is in western and northern areas of Skillin's Country. (That is you if you live more than a few miles away from the coast or north of Brunswick). If you have tender material outdoors then be prepared to put a bed sheet--we also sell easy to use Frost Blankets--over your material to keep any frost particles away from tender growth. Bring in any potted material OR window boxes with tender young growth to protect it for the night. It is better to be safe than sorry--especially away from the coast or urban area of Portland. Drop us a question at or 1-800-244-3860 if we can help you more!

Mike Skillin
Skillin's Greenhouses
May 17, 2009

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