Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Garden Talks June 2--Slugs and Deer!

Hello again,

Another busy day here at Skillin's BUT there have been some quick things I have wanted to mention to you

Last week's overabundance of rain has really brought the slugs and snails out. These leaf loving creatures can do an amazing amount of eating at night. They love to shred the leaves of many annuals, perennials and garden plants and they do their work at night. We only see a few very fat and satisfied slugs during the day. Do NOT underestimate these pests. Some people try beer and other homemade remedies that can work but are messy to use and since when was beer really cheap? We recommend Slug Magic by Bonide. Slug Magic contains pet safe iron phosphate pellets that are not toxic. They fill the slugs up and the slugs cannot digest these pellets--so then you have plugged slugs. And better quality plants!

Don't let the deer get you down. We have a number of fine solutions here at Skillin's. Liquid Fence is a very dependable and sticky spray that does not wash off in the rain. It is perfectly safe but the deer hate the smell. Also we sell a new product called All Season Deer Repellent. This product is a canister that can get opened partially and the product in the canister emits natural odors slowly over a 6 month time period that deer cannot stand. I have had several customers endorse the All Season Deer Repellent. This product is effective all times of the year--even winter. Finally in season I (and many of our gardening friends) have had success spreading a ring of Milorganite--an all natural fertilizer--around plants that deer find delectable. The deer are deterred by this old time fertilizer and go somewhere else.

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Mike Skillin
Skillin's Greenhouses
June 2, 2009

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