Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Sales @ Skillin's!!!

Here is a pretty darned accurate list of what we have "ON SALE" here at Skillin's:

*Flowering Flats – Buy two Get one Free
(excludes vegetable flats)

*Seed Geraniums – Buy one Get one Free

*Selected Bird Seeds on Sale

*Caspari Napkins & Plates – Save 30%

*Cocoa Mats & Lined Containers – Save 20%

*Willow Supports – Save 30%

*Colored Metal Containers – Save 20%

*Colored Watering Cans – Save 20%

*Buzzy Seed Starting Kits – Save 30%

*Telescope Furniture – Save 20% when you
buy three or more pieces

*Yard Sale Starts July 1st – Save 70%!! (on many hand selected items!)

*New addition!!!! Beautiful (and fresh) 10" flowering hangers reg $28.99 are

Buy One for $19.00, Buy Two for $29.00!!! This is a Buy One Get One Free on Fresh
Beautiful Hangers!!!!

*Rhododendrons--beautiful--are 20% off!

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