Thursday, July 2, 2009

Down East Doormats

Hello again,

With all this rain that we have/are receiving will/has mud season making a roaring return? Could be!

Well if it does we have a great new addition to our Skillin's products: Down East Doormats! An environmentally helpful Maine product made of recycled materials.

Check out for more details!

In the meantime here is a quick history of their effort:

A History of Helping

The Maine Float-Rope Co. is promoting a history of helping. We help save whales and other marine life, provide financial assistance to Maine lobstermen, and protect the environment.

Three Difficult Problems — Float-rope is used by lobstermen to tether multiple traps together on the ocean floor. The problem with float-rope is that it can entangle whales, which sometimes leads to their injury or death. Now, Maine lobstermen are required to replace float-rope with sink-rope. Finally, without an appropriate recycling outlet, hundreds of thousands of pounds of this turned-in float-rope could end up in Maine landfills.

One Bright Idea — With government funds, the Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation purchases turned-in float-rope from Maine lobstermen. Then our company collects and recycles the rope and turns it into terrific, colorful and virtually indestructible doormats. It’s a win-win – a safer habitat for whales, some financial relief for the lobstermen, and a cleaner environment.

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