Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Garden Talks July 8--Good Weeding Tips

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The folks at Horticulture Magazine ( recently published a no nonsense list of tips about "Best Ways to Weed". Weeds are going crazy but with all this moisture they are coming out of the ground quite easily. I know, I know none of us have time to weed. BUT, take a little time and weed in small bunches. Look back constantly at how good the weeded area looks and you will be motivated to do just a little bit more. Here are the suggestions from

weed on a regular basis
remove the entire weed, including all roots
weed when the soil is dry. It is easier to lift the roots.
weed while the weeds are young
do not disturb the soil because that brings weed seeds to the surface. Adopt a “no-till” system: only dig where you will plant something; otherwise do not move the soil.
hand weeding is most effective because it causes least disturbance to other plants and you can be sure to get the whole plant
lay mulch to suppress weed growth. remove weeds first or else they too get the other benefits of mulch: regular soil temperature and less water loss from soil
grow a thick groundcover that will suppress weeds
choose plants with spreading foliage that will cast shade over the surrounding soil, discouraging weeds
Plants that suppress weeds? Any plant that "canopies" make great weed suppressors. Think daylilies, perennial geraniums and hosta for shady spots. There are plenty of others too, stop by and see us for suggestions!
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July 9, 2009

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