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New Nursery Plants for Skillin's 2010, Part 3!

Hello again,

Tim Bate our Nursery Buyer and Manager has compiled what I think is a rather exciting list of new nursery shrubs and trees for 2010. We are breaking it into parts and will bring you the separate parts over the next few days.

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A designation of "#2" means a 2 gallon pot; #3 is a 3 gallon pot and so forth. And now from Tim Bate:

Hardy Flowering Cherry:

Spring Wonder (Prunus Sargentii ‘Hokkaiko Normandale’) Z4

20-25 tall and 15-20’ wide. This hardy new variety of Sargent Cherry developed just outside of Minneapolis, MN should add to the wonder of our spring gardens. Flowers pink in spring, followed by purplish foliage, which changes to green in the summer, and finally adds to the fall display with colors of yellow, orange and red.

#10 – 160.00


Evans Bali – Classified as a sour cherry, but with much sweeter fruit than typical sour cherries. Very cold-hardy and self-pollinating. Z4 (3)

Regina - A new, sweet variety, or “sweet new variety!” from Germany. Excellent fresh eating from a productive and disease resistant tree. Pollinate with another sweet cherry. Z4

Presidential Plum from colonial days:

Green Gage – A delicious plum for fresh eating and jams. Sweet and Self-pollinating. Z5

                                                                (Green Gage Plum)

A new “donut” peach:

Saturn – this white-fleshed peach is tender and very sweet. Excellent for fresh eating and desserts. Very productive. Freestone. Self-pollinating. Dwarf (add stakes at planting time to help support the more mature growth.) Z5

      (Saturn peach--note the donut shape)                        

(Saturn peach blossoms)

Plenty of Pears:

Daisui Li – large, medium green fruit, bursting with sweet flavor. Pollinate with another Asian pear. Z4

Raja – Golden brown with sweet, richly flavored fruit. Very productive and disease resistant. Pollinate with another Asian pear. Z4

Red Bartlett – Beautiful red fruit is very similar to Bartlett. Pollinate with another European pear. Z5

(red bartlett pear)

A featured plant in many Garden Magazines:

Fineline Buckthorn (Rhamnus frnagula ‘Ron Williams’) Z3

5-7’ tall and 2’ wide. A fantastic form for a tight space, as a living screen, or a container accent. Grows in full sun to full shade, though screening is probably better in sun/part sun.

#2 – 29.99

#3 – 44.00

Great Groundcovers!

Creeping Argentea Willow (Salix repens var ‘Argentea’) Z3

12” tall and spreading. The soft, silvery foliage on this ground cover willow brings a sparkling carpet to the front of the border, or a waterfall of luminous cascading growth down a rock wall.

#2 -29.99

A unique specimen tree

Oakleaf Mountain Ash (Sorbus x thuringiaca) Z4

30’ tall and 20’ wide. Leaves, lobed like that of English Oak, emerge slivery-gray in the spring and progress to dark green above and silver underneath. Flowers are white, and abundant fruit later in summer is brilliant red-orange.

#20 – 225.00

Splendid new Spireas

Double Play Artist (Spirea japonica ‘Galen’) Z4

24-30” tall on a neat mounding form. The ‘Double Play’ comes from this plant’s two points of color interest. Spring foliage flushes an attractive purple-red, setting it apart in the landscape, and then the large purple, early summer flowers complete the picture.

Dead heading will promote repeat blooms.

#3 – 34.99

Double Play Gold (Spirea japonica ‘Yan’) Z4

15-24” tall on a neat mounded form. The ‘Double’ comes into play from this plant’s two points of color interest. Spring foliage emerges a bright yellow, and matures to gold and leaf color holds exceptionally well throughout the season. Early summer flowers are vibrant pink and will continue through autumn if spent blossoms are removed.

#3 – 34.99

Firegold (Spirea x vanhoutti ‘Levgold’) Z4

4-6’ tall and 5-7’ wide. This glowing new addition to the Bridal Wreath-type spireas offers up yellow foliage in spring changing to lime-green. The golden arching branches are covered with white blossoms in June. Foliage color is strongest in full sun.

#5 – 44.00

Come again?

Bloomerang (Syringa x ‘Penda’) Z4

4-5’ tall and wide. This compact growing lilac will reward you in mid to late spring with an abundance of fragrant purple-pink blooms. Usually takes a rest in early summer, but then blooms AGAIN late summer and into fall. It flowers on first and second year growth, so planting in a rich garden soil, pruning right after the spring show, and watering during summer drought, will maximize the late season display.

#2 – 34.99

Best Blue!

President Lincoln (Syringa ‘President Lincoln’)Z3

8-10’ tall and wide. Single, Blue-Lavender flower. Still one of the best lilacs in the blue color class.

#25 – 1.75”

For the Bonsai enthusiast…

Hokkaido Dwarf Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia ‘Hokkaido’)Z5

Very slow growing elm with tiny, dark green leaves and interesting corky bark.

Great for rock gardens and bonsai.

#1 -22.99

Seiju Dwarf Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia ‘Seiju’)Z5

Another neat dwarf elm variety for rock gardens and bonsai. Leaves are a little larger than the Hokkaido cultivar and the plant is a bit faster growing.

#1 – 22.99

Wine lovers take note!

Marquette Z4

A red wine variety that combines disease resistance and cold hardiness with excellent wine qualities, offering notes of cherry, black pepper and spice.

Bright new addition!

Rainbow Sensation (Weigela ‘Kolmajira’) Z4

3-4’ tall and wide. This sparkling new variety lights up the landscape with fresh variegated color even before the soft pink trumpet-like flowers beckon to passing hummingbirds in early June.

#2 – 34.99

This plant is smokin’!

Golden Spirit Smokebush( Cotinus coggyria ‘Ancot’) Z4

6-10’ tall. Beautiful golden spring foliage, changes to lime-green in summer when the blooms float above the foliage. This unique shrub for the border is a standout mixer with blue and violet colored perennials. The show keeps going in the fall when the foliage changes to salmon-pink, orange and yellow.

#3 – 49.00

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