Sunday, April 6, 2008

"New to Skillin's", Perennial Varieties, "R through the end"

Hello again,
Here are a few exciting “new to Skillin’s” perennial varieties we will be introducing in 2008.

I will list a few new varieties this week. This finishes up our listing. If you would like the entire list emailed to you, just let me know at and I will send you a “Word” attachment. In other words, this one really catches my eye for this reason....!

I have highlighted aspects of some varieties thatI feel are some very attractive attributes to some of the plants.

‘Karasuba’ 8”-12” tall. Nice foliage plant for partial shade. Leaves are fan shaped and start out green turning into red tones as the leaves age. Fire red color in the fall. Starry white flowers in spring.
Zones 4-9. Blooms in spring. Part shade.

ROCKFOIL – Saxifraga
‘Purple Robe’ 8” tall. Delicate deep pink-red flowers. Small mound of bright green finely cut foliage. Zones 4-9. Blooms summer. Sun.
ROSE MALLOW - Hibiscus
‘Turn of the Century’ 6’-8’ tall. Bi-Color petals ranging in color from red to pink.
Gives the flowers the appearance of a ‘pinwheel’. Shrub like and more compact than other hibiscus. Zones 5-9. Blooms mid summer to late summer. Sun to part shade.

SEA HOLLY - Eryngium

‘Paradise Jackpot’ 24” tall. Beautiful blue flowers with large blue bracts on blue stems.
Zones 5-8. Blooms mid summer. Sun.
SHASTA DAISY - Leucanthemum
‘Snow Lady’ Dwarf variety with abundant flowers all summer. 10”-12” tall. Zones 4-9. Blooms summer. Sun.


‘Thomas Killen’24”-30” tall. Single Shasta daisy with a double row of petals near the center. Great cut flower.
Attracts butterflies. Will keep blooming if spent flowers are removed. Zones 5-9. Blooms early to late summer. Sun.

SNAKEROOT - Cimicifuga

‘Hillside Black Beauty’ 4’-7’ tall. Darkest of the Cimicifugas. Foliage is purple –black. Flowers are form a 1’ ‘bottlebrush’ are pale pink and slightly fragrant. Zones 4-8. Blooms late summer to early fall. Part shade to shade.

SPEEDWELL – Veronica

‘Blue Indigo’ 20” tall. Deep blue flowers. Zones 3-6. Bloom in summer. Sun to part shade.

‘Erika’ 20” tall. Reddish-pink flower spikes. Dark red-green stems. Zones 3-6. Blooms in summer. Sun to part shade.


‘Acre’ – 2”-5” tall. Very low, creeping foliage. Star-shaped yellow flowers in late spring. Zones 4-8. Blooms late spring early summer. Sun.

‘Angelina’ 3”-5” tall. Golden yellow needle-like leaves.Tips turn red-orange in cool weather. Zones 3-11. Blooms early summer. Sun.

‘Blue Spruce’ – 6”-10” tall. Silvery-blue ‘spruce-like’ leaves with yellow flowers in summer. Zones 4-8. Blooms summer. Sun.

‘Bronze Carpet’ 4”-6” tall. Mats of bronze foliage and rose-pink flowers in summer. Zones 4-8. Blooms summer. Sun.

‘Crazy Ruffles’ 20” tall. Blue-green leaves with wavy, toothed margins. Forms a compact, upright clump.
Red tinted stems. Clusters of soft pink flowers. Zones 3-9. Blooms late summer.

‘Munstead Dark Red’ 18” tall. Leaves are tinted with purple. Stems are reddish. Dark red flowers in late summer. Zones 3-9. Blooms July-Sept. Sun.

‘Neon’ 24” tall. Upright with light green leaves and rosy-magenta pink flowers.
Zones 3-9. Blooms late summer. Sun.

‘Pink Chablis’ 14”-18” tall. Upright with variegated leaves, blue-green with white edges.
White buds turning to pink flowers. Zones 3-9. Blooms late summer. Sun.

‘Red Cauli’ 10”-12” tall. Blue-green foliage, bright red flower clusters. Forms a lower compact mound.
Zones 3-9. Blooms late summer. Sun.

‘Samuel Oliphant’ 24”-30” tall. Foliage has unique variegation with green, cream and pink. Buds are light red and cream opening to pink flowers. Zones 3-9. Blooms late summer. Sun.

SUN ROSE – Helianthemum
10” tall. Evergreen, gray green foliage. with tiny, single flowers that resemble a single pedaled rose.

TICKSEED - Coreopsis

‘Sweet Dreams’ 18” tall. Flowers are soft pink with raspberry centers. Cutting back the plant 1 or 2 times before blooming with create a bushy compact plant that will bloom summer until fall.
Zones 5-8. Blooms late spring until mid-summer if not cut back. Sun.

VIOLET – Viola
‘Painted Porcelain’ 6”-8” tall. Creamy white flowers. Upper petals shaded with lavender. Deep purple center markings. Zones 5-8. Blooms late spring to early summer. Sun, part shade to shade.

WALLFLOWER - Cheiranthus - Biennial.

‘Orange Bedder’ 15”-24” tall. Light orange flowers from May – July. Incredible fragrance. Wonderful cut flower.
Zones 5-6. Blooms early summer. Sun.


‘Canadian Wild Ginger’ 6”-8” tall. Large heart-shaped foliage. Foliage is larger than European wild ginger but not as glossy. Beautiful groundcover. Will naturalize. Flowers are insignificant. Zones 2-9. Shade.

‘European Wild Ginger’ 6”-12” tall This, glossy, heart-shaped leaves. Excellent groundcover. Clump forming. Flowers are insignificant.. Zones 4-7. Shade.


‘Queen Charlotte’ 24”-36” tall. Double rose colored flowers with gold stamens and bronze-green foliage. Zones 4-9. Blooms late to early fall. Sun to part shade.

WORMWOOD - Artemisia
‘Powis Castle’ 36” tall. Finely cut silver foliage. Mounding habit. Zones 5-9. Sun.


‘Moonshine’ 18”-24” tall. Lemon yellow flower heads. Finely cut, silvery foliage. Zones 3-10. Blooms summer. Sun.

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