Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Christmas Memory: "I Looked Suspicious!"

Kind friend Dale Lincoln stops by the Skillin's Garden Log with yet another fun story that also makes us reflect...

It was Christmas Eve in Perry, Maine. Bea Blackwood, an elderly lady who lived alone on a country road in the next town ( Pembroke, Maine) was at my home for the turkey dinner. Bea was a lifetime friend and like a grandmother to our children. After my mother passed away she was my Dad’s companion until he died.

We usually had the Christmas turkey dinner on Christmas Day but that was one year we decided to have it on Christmas Eve. Bea ate a big supper. (Her favorite part of the turkey was the part that would go over the fence last.) A few minutes after supper, she became tired and went to sleep in our bedroom. Elsie and I were always busy on Christmas Eve. About 11:00 pm all of our kids went to bed.

Near midnight Bea woke up and had coffee. It was approaching 1:00 am when I started to take her home.

Soon after leaving my home I heard her say:
“Oh, the Key!” “I’m locked out, but you can get in through the kitchen window!”

When we arrived at her home Bea stayed in the warm automobile. I went to the back of her home, and lifted the window. When one of my legs was in the kitchen sink and my rear end was passing through the window, this thought went through my mind:

“If the Cops showed up right now, they wouldn’t believe my story!”

A few moments later I climbed out of the sink, shut the kitchen window, turned a light on, and opened the front door. After escorting Bea from the car to her kitchen, I wished her a Merry Christmas, then started home. A feeling of happiness and peace on earth was with me and I knew a wonderful Christmas memory had been created.

Dale C. Lincoln
Perry, Maine
In Zephyrhills FL
December 11, 2008

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