Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Gentle Storm

Kind friend Dale Lincoln of Perry Maine checks in from Zephyrhills FL with his thoughts for all of us in Maine who have just "weathered the storm".

Dale writes:

"Hi Mike and All:

Hope the ice storm was easy on you all. Son Dale in Saco said he was without electric power for about 15 hours.

Attached is one of my writings after Maine's giant Ice storm in 1998.

Wishing you all the best"

Now....The Gentle Storm by Dale Lincoln

The wind didn't blow hard, and the rain didn't pour.
The snow didn't pile above the top of the kitchen door
There wasn't any resemblance to a tornado or hurricane,
It was just a little winter storm for the entire State of Maine.

On that cloudy January day, that some folks would call nice,
A gentle rain from heaven started turning into ice.
It stuck upon utility poles, and all of the forest trees,
Maine became a giant popsicle, in a mold about to freeze!

The electric wires gained excessive weight, which wasn't any joke.
The heavy tree tops bent toward ground, then many of them broke.
They fell upon the roadways, and on wires for power and light,
Nearly a million anxious people were in the dark that night.

High pressure pushed the storm away, and slowly moved it to sea.
With blue skies and a sun so bright, “Maine sparkled,” all would agree,
But beneath the beauty and glitter, people tried to find a way,
To keep their home and family safe, and warm from day to day.

Many people helped their neighbors, as dedicated light crews did their job.
There were many acts of kindness that “would make the old heart throb.”
People from away called home, and heard words ”We're doing fine,”
“And we are listening to the Voice Of Maine, FM 103.9.”

“Our wood stove is a heatin', there's swamp water for the flush”
“Many people around the State are doing worse than us.”
“We may not get the lights back on for two or three days or more,”
“But there are families at the shelter that are sleeping on the floor.”

“We have lots of candles and we cook meals, on that old propane grill,”
“Sure we're inconvenienced, but we're not feeling ill.”
“We thank The Lord for his love and care, and know He's in control,”
“We'll probably get some lights again, when the linemen “fix the pole.”
“We all can feel strong and mighty when things are going right,”
“But God is Master over all, through each day and each night.”
“Hereafter when things seem good, and High Tech is in the norm,”
“Remember God almost shut down Maine, with just one gentle storm.!” .

Dale C. Lincoln
Perry, Maine
In Zephyrhills FL
December 18, 2008

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