Monday, February 2, 2009

The Karen Azalea

Sheliah of Skillin's has sent some awesome pictures of a Karen Azalea that she has cultivated on her farm in Raymond.

The Karen Azalea is a great fit for almost gardening situation here in Maine.

Sheliah's gardens get COLD in the winter and HOT in the summer so if a plant can thrive there it can thrive almost anywhere in Maine.

See below for what Sheliah has to say!

"The Karen Azalea is the one semi evergreen azalea that is hardy enough to grow and bloom in zone four. There are other semi evergreen azalea's that will grow in zone four but often do not bloom because the flower buds die off over the cold winter months. Karen grows about three feet tall and wide. This azalea is beautiful while blooming and its foliage is beautiful all summer and especially during the fall. Fall foliage is green and bronze. She is an early bloomer, blooming about the time the PJM Rhododendrons are finishing up. This picture shows her true color which is somewhere between pink and purple. I do try to stick to the planting rule of one, three, five, seven or eleven. As you can see from the picture below the Karen Azalea looks lovely even if you plant just one. I have had this Karen for about ten years. If you live in zone four or five you can't go wrong with the Karen Azalea."

Don't these late Spring pictures give you the gardening URGE!

Thanks Sheliah!

Sheliah for Skillin's
reporting from high atop Raymond ME
February 2, 2009

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