Friday, August 14, 2009

Garden Talks August 14--Time to Water!

Hello again,

Folks it is time to water in Skillin's Country. The soaring temperatures, higher skies and summer breezes (finally!) have left the top few inches of soil dry for any shrubs, trees, perennials, annuals or vegetables planted this year.

We must get back into the mode where any such 2009 planted material should get two to three quality waterings per week. In these cases if you don't have an irrigation system, get your garden hoses out and set the hose on slow water next to your plants. Let the water run into the ground slowly for at least several minutes per perennial, potentially up to half an hour for each shrub. Let that water soak into the ground so the healthy white roots of your plant have moist ground to grow down into.

Smaller annuals and vegetables should get good soakings in a similar fashion. Or if you are standing and watering hold the slow running hose off to the side of the plant and let that water soak in. When you get to run off stage, pull the hose to the next plant but keep in mind to come back to the plant you just left a second or third time.

Good quality waterings take time but your plants will thank you!

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Mike Skillin
Skillin's Greenhouses
August 14, 2009

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