Monday, August 17, 2009

Skillin's Garden Classes Sept and Oct 2009

Hello again,

Following is a listing of classes starting August 29 here at Skillin's. These classes are some of our most popular so we hope you take advantage!

Our FREE classes will be held Saturdays at 10 AM (unless otherwise stated).

Call Brunswick 442-8111 (1-800-339-8111), Cumberland 829-5619 (1-800-348-8498), or Falmouth 781-3860 (1-800-244-3860) to register. You may also register by emailing us at, just specify the date, time, and location! These classes can sell out fast so sign up today!

Class participants receive a special Skillin’s 10% off coupon!


29—Dividing, Relocating, Transplanting Class

Don’t be shocked! We’ll show you how to move your plants so they can grow and grow and grow! Fall is a great time to replan and rearrange the garden; upcoming cooler temperatures make fall a great time for planting!


12-Pruning for a Purpose

Make your outdoor plants take a new shape. Proper pruning helps rejuvenate established plants and start new plants on a great growing path!

19-Thriving Houseplants!

Okay the plants on your porch and patio are now back inside with you. Don’t want to bungle your jungle? Let us show you how a great variety of plants can thrive indoors. We’ll help you Plant for the Planet by giving all class goers a free 4” potted plant of your choice.

26-Composting Class

Let us give you “the poop” on making your garden soil richer in a highly natural way. Wise gardeners know the key to good gardening is the soil and the key to good soil is….COMPOST!


3-Bulb Planning and Planting

Fall is the time to plant bulbs for Spring color and we have the best selection in Maine as well as easy to use supplies! Remember that tu-lips are better than none and that the first step toward Spring is the planting of bulbs in the fall!

10-Fresh Floral Arranging (10 AM & 2 PM)

We are all about color and fun here at Skillin’s! Or is it fun then color? No matter because everyone’s favorite class is back! We will show you how to make the coolest, most colorist, most funnest arrangement!
There is a $15 fee to cover materials.

17- Birds in the Back Yard

Gardening is great! And birding is awesome—they really go hand in hand; 2 outdoor activities that attract people of the same feather. HaHaHa! Let us show you how to attract and keep the finest of our feathered friends.

24-Pumpkin Carving with Skillin’s (10 AM TO 4 PM)

Bring family and friends, purchase pumpkins for half price and let us help you carve the coolest, scariest, funniest and “ghouliest” pumpkins ever. Pumpkin carving is great family fun and we have some tricks and treats (yes refreshments for you!) up our sleeve!

31- Beds to Rest

Getting a good winters rest makes the Spring look brighter. Let us share with you how to get your perennials, roses and shrubs tucked away for winter.

Four Part Landscape Design Series (Brunswick Sept 9,16,23,30 10 AM) (Falmouth Sept 10,17,24, Oct 1 10 AM)

What a great chance to get a jump start on plotting how to landscape your home the right way! Class fee is $40 to cover materials—you will have a great landscape plan at the finish; this is a class that you will learn from; fun will be had but homework will be required!

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