Friday, August 7, 2009

Garden Talks August 7--Dividing Oriental Poppies

Hello again,

Our oriental poppies that blossomed so brightly back in May are now at or near complete dormancy which means NOW is a terrific time to dig them up to divide them or to move them. I have a new spot I want to prepare that would be great for some oriental poppies I have in the front of my house. I love their brilliant orange color but like so many locations I choose I am thinking that a dense little bed in front of my house was a poor choice for the poppies. These Oriental Poppies need to range and roam a little bit!

Here is a great link which discusses how to divide oriental poppies. Good pictures and the writing is clear:
One last fun note: Our Garden Mums are just showing color so we have brought some to the retail stores for sale! But Terry Skillin wants me to tell you that our poinsettia plugs have arrived so we are busy in the production greenhouses potting poinsettias that we will sell at Christmas! This business is fun in that you often think a season or two ahead.
In the meantime, enjoy this summer weather!
Mike Skillin
Skillin's Greenhouses
August 7, 2009

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