Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Hello again,

Barbara Gardener checks in with the following note:

"I've never seen a begonia with leaves like these. Probably very common. I'm sure you have since I bought 6 at Skillins. The others all had the dark green that I am used to.

I'm starting to fill this shady area in with ground cover. Ajuga and the mysterious blue."
Barbara, great to hear from you. These appear to be Proven Winner Nonstop Begonias that are just bright and gorgeous. We feature several colors with this type of leaf pattern in the Spring.
I have used similar plants with almost the same leaf BUT with a deep maroon color for a shade container the last couple of years. Really nice!
Begonias are a solid choice for shady spots or partial shade spots. An old time plant that just does a great job. Watch the ajuga and the mysterious blue (Barbara did we decide those were forget me nots? I forgot!) for invasiveness but maybe that is okay with you in that spot.
Mike Skillin


Barbara G. said...

Thanks for the feedback. The trees in that garden have grown so tall that most of it is in the shade so begonias do very well there. (so does ajuga and the "mystery plant". It definitely isn't Forget-Me Nots. Wrong leaf and shade of blue. I am planting ground cover there because that area is very steep and I have no desire to end up in the gully! They both (groundcovers) have very shallow roots so if I find another shade loving perennial that's worth the risk, it's easy to pull them up and use the space. Both groundcovers grow so dense that weeds are not a problem.
When I brought in the sample last spring, you were pretty sure that it was from the Speedwell family. (Hope the daffs make it through again.)

Time to get off the computer and tackle the hosta==put some of that new found knowledge to work.

Yesterday's class was just great with good attendance. Also quite a few knowledgeable gardeners.

Mike Skillin, Skillin's Greenhouses said...

Speedwell--that is right! Not forget me nots--that is the Mystery groundcover. Speedwell.

You are right on about the aggressive groundcovers being excellent at weed control. I also use Sweet Woodruff which flowers white and beautiful in late May and June. By the fall it has petered out but there is less chance for weeds to be so invasive at that point I think.

I heard great things about the Beds To Rest class yesterday at Falmouth. Kathleen is a terrific instructor and we are lucky to have her as a friend.


Mike Skillin