Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dappled Willows--a Great Idea!

Hello again,

Rose of Raymond checks in:

"Hello Mike, When you need some quality material for the Garden Log I thought you could write a little about these fabulous Dappled Willows. They love those problem wet areas and will live in shade or full sun. The fun thing about them is that the foliage turns pink in the spring and they appear to be blooming pink flowers. They are the first shrubs to get their leaves in the spring and the last shrubs to lose them in the fall. When they do lose their leaves they have beautiful red stems like the red twig dogwoods that seem to glow in the snow. They are the fastest growing shrubs I have ever planted. They are beautiful as a hedge or beautiful standing alone. I think this is just a great idea for customers planning for next spring. Mike, I saw your bank commercial - very cool - who is that guy playing you?"

This great advice from Rose. Our seasons vary so much here in Maine and I really believe that the best plant material for our yards should vary right along with the seasons! The dappled willow is a classic example (and I can assure you Rose is a classic as well!) of variation through the season. From pink in the Spring through lush green in the summer to the beautiful red stems in winter, this plant is just awesome!

The commercial Rose is writing about is a new series of commercials being shown by our good friends at Norway Savings Bank. Several Maine businesses including Skillin's are featured and yes I am the Skillin's guy this time around. Talk about taking chances!

Rose, thanks very much! Any friend of ours who has some plants recommendations and plant pictures they would like to send please send them to us at info@skillins.com and we would be glad to post them at the Skillin's Garden Log!

Special Thanks to Rose of Raymond,

Mike Skillin
Skillin's Greenhouses
Ocotber 7, 2008

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