Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good News About Good Shepherd!

Hello again,

Great news!

This past Saturday October 18, Skillin's Greenhouses and our loyal customers raised a total of $1043.56 for the Good Shepherd Food Bank.

Check out http://www.gsfb.org/ to get an idea of all the great organizations that the Good Shepherd Food Bank provides food for. There is plenty to worry about these days. But for many people around us decent food is not an option as folks scramble for clothes and fuel.

Let’s help the Good Shepherd Food Bank keep over 600 Maine food banks supplied—do you realize that just a $25 contribution feeds a family of 3 for two weeks? What a truly efficient way to help a family save more for fuel and clothes by helping the Good Shepherd Food Bank provide food! OR that because all the great relationships in the food distribution industry that Good Shepherd has cultivated that a $1.00 donation means $12.50 in real food to the hungry in Maine!

So thank you Skillin's Staff and Customers for helping to bring over $13,000 in real food to fellow Mainers in need. That is just awesome!

There is more that we can all do. It is our intent this Christmas Holiday season to donate a generous portion of each retail sale of Skillin's Christmas trees, wreaths, roping and poinsettias to the Good Shepherd Food Bank. This should mean even more in donations to an incredible cause for so many fellow Mainers.


Mike Skillin

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