Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Early Season Hydrangea Care!

Sheliah of Raymond checks in with a lovely picture of one of her Endless Summer hydrangeas and some great hydrangea gardening advice!
Sheliah does her gardening high atop the hills of Raymond ME and if you can grow a green garden there you can grow one anywhere!
Here is Sheliah!
"Just a reminder that as the snow melts away and your Endless Summer Hydrangeas look like lots of dead sticks - refrain from cutting them back! They bloom on old and new growth and you may cut off some of the beautiful future flower buds that set last fall. Those of you with the old variety Nikko Blue Hydrangea should remember they only bloom off their old wood. Leave them alone until the leaves start to emerge and you can safely snip the dead ends off. I use Holly Tone on my blue Hydrangea's and that seems to work great to achieve the beautiful blue color that I love. If you have a Pee Gee Hydrangea that grew out of control last year you can safely cut it back this spring and still have lots of blooms this fall."

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