Thursday, March 19, 2009

Great Gardening Pictures; Great Inspiration

Good gardening friend Barbara Gardener returns with some great photos of some her tremendous gardens. Barbara IS a good friend and is also a hard working gardening soul.

From Barbara Gardener:

"And what plantings are you looking for? And just how many pictures do you want? I was looking for some that show annuals and perennials planted together so I'd still have color when the perennials stop blooming. By then the annuals are large enough to give me plenty.

(Have a big decision to make--do I sit here and read the blogs or do I get some housework done?)"

Barbara G (I am glad she did not choose the housework!)

Below: The perennial geranium on the left will flower for a good amount of the growing season and is a very reliable perennial. Once they get going, the annual zinnias just get covered with flowers. Fun colors too!

Barbara this is great inspiration! The picture below shows great use of purple and pink salvia. Salvia is an old time annual that does not get enough credit these days. And I am a fan of marigolds. Some people turn their noses up at them but all they do is flower and flower and flower with little or no trouble. How can you beat that?

Barbara Gardener for
Skillin's Greenhouses
March 19, 2009

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Anonymous said...

Barbara G...
Housework? Not me.

As usual, your pictures are inspiring.