Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Very Nifty Nine Bark

Sheliah checks in with the Very Nifty Nine Bark. The Nine Bark's name comes from the appearance of the bark which is flaky and can peel away in many layers as the plant gets a little older. The botanical name of the many varieties stems from Physocarpus.
Sheliah does her gardening high atop the hills of Raymond ME and if you can grow a green garden there you can grow one anywhere!
Here is Sheliah:
"If you have room for a big beautiful plant try this Nine Bark. It grows extremely fast and will top out at eight to ten feet tall. The burgundy color stands out so beautifully. I love the look of it planted with evergreens. This picture is of my Diabolo Nine Bark. This easy to grow plant is a zone 3! That means you can plant it a your camp on Moosehead Lake and it will thrive! It needs at least six hours of sun a day. It has creamy white flowers in the spring and berries that the birds love in the fall. The leaves are fabulous! Nine Bark is a native plant. Tim has brought in some of the new hybrids of this plant that will not get as big and have coppery colors. Last year we had a limey green variety too. If you are looking for a no care, easy and fast growing plant (that your neighbors probably don't have) check out the beautiful Nine Bark!"
Sheliah for Skillin's Greenhouses
High atop Raymond ME
March 22, 2009

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