Monday, March 15, 2010

Portland Flower Show 2010 Award Winners

Hello again,

The 2010 Portland Flower Show has now passed and it was a great success! Here are the award winners for 2010:

Award 2010 Recipient

The Beatrix Farrand Design Award for an alternative garden style or design that could be described as: a blend of native and new plant introductions, imaginative and thoughtful use of space, a richness of detail, an exhibit of overall distinction. Seko's Creative Garden Design

The Cary Award for the garden that best uses plants that have earned the Cary Award, which are hardy plants ideal for the Northern landscape. O’Donal’s Nursery & Landmarcs, Inc

The Designers' Task Award for the garden that best exhibits a landscape designed for the right plants in the right place. Skillin's Greenhouses and Prays' Masonry

The Hardscape Award for the best and most creative use of natural or commercial hardscape. Rocksmith

Garden Joinery

The John Skillin First-Timers Award for the exhibit judged to have the best overall score among new exhibitors. Blue Rock

The Kitchen Door Garden Award for the most creative use of vegetables, herbs and other useful plants. Cozy Acres

The Lyle Littlefield Commemorative Award for the garden that best introduces new or under-used woody plants. Ron Forest & Sons


Mercier Landscaping

The Melvin Estabrook Ingenuity Award for the most innovative techniques and attention to detail in exhibit construction. Carter Landscape Design

Green Island Stonework

The Palette Award for the garden that best demonstrates skillful use of color. Grounds Crew

Morrison Developmental Center

The Pierson Nurseries Award for the garden that best utilizes woody plants native to North America. Skillin's Greenhouses and Pray's Masonry

The Roger Luce Award for the garden that best utilizes new or underused herbaceous plants. Cozy Acres

The Best of Show Award to the exhibit receiving the greatest number of points from all judges. O’Donal’s Nursery and Landmarcs

People’s Choice Award for the exhibit receiving the most votes from flower show attendees. O'Donal's Nursery and Landmarcs

My thanks to Tim Bate, Chad Skillin and John Pray for conception and execution of our booth. Also to Scott Fuller and others from Skillin's who helped staff our booth.

Now onto Skillin's Falmouth Open House!

Mike Skillin
Skillin's Greenhouses
March 15, 2010

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