Sunday, March 7, 2010

Skillin's 2010 Perennial Addtions R-Z

Following is a list of Skillin's perennial plant additions for 2010. This list is compiled by Becky and Elaine from our Skillin's production facility. It is a long list but it makes for some practical and interesting reading! I will add some of my own comments (in black italics) to some individual plants as we go along but what follows is a good plant by plant description of what will be new in Skillin's perennial yard in 2010!

Plants with common names beginning with A-D, E-H and K-P are available at the Skillin's Garden Log. Just email us at and we will send you the entire list as a Word Document.


‘Whitewell Gem’ –4”-6” tall. Soft, silver-green foliage with ¾” purple flowers in spring. Prefers full sun and well-drained soil. Perfect for rock gardens. Attracts butterflies. Blooms spring. Zones 3-8. Nice little addition and the foliage usually holds out well through most of the season.


‘Fireball’ 4’ tall with a 2’-3’ spread. One our favorites. Huge flame red flowers that can reach 12” wide. As the plant gets older the flower get larger. Green leaves have a purple cast and the stems have red veining. Deer resistant. Very hardy. Blooms mid to late summer. Zones 4-9. One of our favorites is RIGHT. We love this plant; the flowers get so heavy that you will want to stake those stalks to keep the stalks from tipping. A Mike Must Have!

‘Cranberry Crush’ 3’-4’ tall with a 4’-5’ spread. A relatively short compact hibiscus. Buds are near black and flowers are a deep scarlet red 7”-8” wide. This hibiscus is an ‘indeterminate bloomer’so there are flowers all along the flowering stems and not just at the top. Dark green leaves with a purple cast. Blooms mid summer to early fall. Deer resistant. Zones 4-9 This is a fascinating plant; I have a "crush" on it and I have not even met it yet. Looking forward to it!

‘Summer Storm’ 4’ tall with a 4’ spread. An improvement over ‘Kopper King’. Very dark wine-purple foliage. Lobes on the leaves increase as the foliage matures. 8” pink flowers with dark pink veining and magenta centers. This hibiscus also has indeterminate buds so it flowers along the flowering stem and has a very long bloom time form mid summer to Oct. Deer resistant. Zones 4-9. Kopper King is a Klassic so any improvement must be one heck of a plant. Get in line early folks; these plants will be HOT, HOT, HOT!


‘Eveline’ 25” tall. Large two-toned flowers of light pink and purple. Flowers on tall spikes from a basal rosette of foliage. Blooms in early summer but may rebloom if cut back. Deer resistant. Zones 3-8. The perennial salvias are very hardy; very reliable and in most cases attractive. Cut the stalks back early before they start to go brown (that can get ugly), but then you should be rewarded with some nice rebloom!

SHASTA DAISYLeucanthemum

‘Banana Cream’ 15’-18” tall. 4” semi-double flowers start a lemon yellow and turn butter yellow to creamy white as they mature. Compact habit and long bloom time. A nice perennial to use in containers. Blooms early to late summer with deadheading. Zones 5-9. Shastas are long lasting bloomers and this plant in particular seems quite "showy"!


‘Dodecatheon meadia’ 10”-12” tall. Lilac pink flowers with reflexed petals on stiff upright stems. Blooms late spring to early summer. Goes dormant in summer. Deer resistant. Part shade. Zones 4-8.

SNAKEROOT Cimicifuga

‘Chocoholic’ 2-3 feet tall. Shorter variety of dark-leafed Cimicifuga. Bottlebrush flowers are fragrant and and are a mauve-pink when they first open, turning white as they mature. Blooms mid-summer thru early fall. Deer resistant. Zones 4-8. Love the Cimcifuga! Any of them are a Mike Must Have!


‘Apollo’ 36” tall. Purple red candle-like flowers. Dark foliage. Nice mid to back of the border plant. Blooms in summer. Sun to part shade. Zones 3-6. Veronica is very hardy. I know this is about new plants but the classic blue Veronica is a Mike Must Have (by the way)


‘Caerulea Plena’ 16” tall. Double violet colored flowers that are star-shaped. Blooms late spring to late summer. Cut back after flowering to encourage re-blooming. Sun to part shade. Zones 3-9.

‘Concord Grape’ 18” tall. Bluish flowers. Foliage has great rust resistance. Sun to part shade. Zones 3-9.


‘Frosty Morn’ 24”-36” tall. Upright sedum with light green leaves with creamy white margins. White to light pink flower heads. Blooms lates summer to early fall. Zones 3-9.

‘Maestro’ 18” tall. Compact, upright habit. Blue-green foliage in spring and fall and blue-purple during the summer months. Bright purple stems. 5”-7” flower clusters in late summer with red buds that open to light pink flowers. Blooms late summer to early fall. Zones 3-9.

Any of the Stone Crops make for great choices because the colors are usually quite nice but most importantly their fall blooming period is quite valuable to any perennial garden!

TICKSEED Coreopsis

‘Crème Brulee’ 16”-20” tall. Soft yellow flowers on compact mounds. Good mildew resistance. Long bloom time. Blooms early to late summer. Full sun. Zones 5-9.

‘Redshift’ 30”-36” tall. Large 2” flowers, creamy white with wine-red highlights. Red intensifies in cooler weather. Clump forming. Blooms all summer. Deer resistant. Zones 4-9.

TOAD LILYTricyrtis

‘Taipei Silk’ 24” tall. Flowers are larger than most other varieties.. Purple buds form on terminal clusters. Orchid-like flowers are purple with lighter centers and speckled with maroon. Long bloom time. Blooms late summer. Sun to part shade. Zones 5-9.

‘White Towers’ 16”-30” tall. Pure white flowers with a touch of lavender and gold. Blooms late summer to fall. Sun to part shade. Zones 5-9.


‘Asarum arifolium’ (Arrow-Leaf Ginger) 6”-8” tall. Arrow shaped leaves with a slight anise scent. Blooms early summer but flowers are insignificant. Deer resistant. Part sun to shade. Zones 2-9.


‘Pamina’ 30” tall. A slightly shorter anemone. Flowers are large, semi-double and a deep rose-pink. Dark green foliage. Deer resistant. Blooms late summer. Zones 4-8.

WORMWOOD Artemesia

‘Silver Queen’ 24” tall. Silver green foliage. Great for cut flowers and drying. Sun to part shade. Zones 4-8. I always have a soft spot for the Artemisias because I like the silvery green accent. Silver King was a classic; you know Silver Queen will be an improvement!

YARROW Achillea

‘Apricot Delight’ 11”-18” tall. Flowers in shades of light pink, apricot and rose red. Nice compact form. Blooms early to mid summer. May reblooms if deadheaded. Zones 3-8.

Mike Skillin
Skillin's Greenhouses
March 7, 2010

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