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Skillin's 2010 Perennial Additions! K-P

Following is a list of Skillin's perennial plant additions for 2010. This list is compiled by Becky and Elaine from our Skillin's production facility. It is a long list but it makes for some practical and interesting reading! I will add some of my own comments (in black italics) to some individual plants as we go along but what follows is a good plant by plant description of what will be new in Skillin's perennial yard in 2010!

Plants with common names beginning with A-D and E-H are listed at Skillin's Perennial Additions for 2010! A-D and Skillin's Perennial Additions for 2010! E-H right here at the Skillin's Garden Log. Just email us at and we will send you the entire list as a Word Document. Or we will have K-P available here at the Skillin's Garden Log in just a few days!


‘Ivory Prince’ 12”-18” tall. Buds are burgundy pink and open to ivory white which become streaked with rose and chartreuse as they mature. Leaves have a compact habit. Great for naturalizing in moist woodland areas. Blooms early to mid spring. Deer resistant. Zones 4-9.


Asiatic Lily

‘Crimson Pixie’ 14” tall. Pure red flowers.

‘Gironde’ 36” tall. Lemon yellow flowers.

‘Monte Negro’ 43” tall. Flowers are deep red.

‘Royal Sunset’ 36”-42” tall. Flowers are gold with reddish-pink tips and maroon spots at the center.

Oriental Lily

‘Cobra’ 32” tall. Deep red flowers with a tin white edge. Very fragrant.

‘Red Dutch’52” tall. ‘Large yellow flowers with a huge brilliant red center’. Flowers are fragrant and long-lasting.

‘Salmon Star’36” tall. Flowers are salmon pink with white edges. Petals have dark salmon spots. Fragrant.

Trumpet Lily

‘Pink Perfection’ 60” tall. Pink flowers with a light pink center. Fragrant, outward facing flowers.


‘Tutti Frutti Mix’ 24”-36” tall. Large bi-colored blooms. Needs well drained soil. Blooms early summer. Full sun.


‘Cevennensis’ 12” tall. Leaves are long and narrow with ‘large silvery blotches’. Leaves may reach up to 26” long. Dark blue flowers in early spring with a long bloom time. Deer resistant. Blooms early spring. Nice plant to have and it is shade tolerant as well!


‘Star of Beauty’ 20” tall. Carmine rose flowers with white centers. Heavy flowering with long-lasting flowers. Vigorous grower. Blooms early to late summer. Zones 4-7.

‘Star of Fire’ 20” tall. Burgundy-red flowers with white centers and dark purple stems. Another heavy flowering variety with long-lasting flowers. Vigorous grower. Blooms early to late summer. Zones 4-7.


‘Aurea’ 30” tall. Foliage starts gold-green in spring and turns lime-green later in the season. Creamy white flowers. This variety prefers part shade to shade as leaves will scorch in sun. Blooms early summer. Zones 3-7. I like the Meadow Sweet but don't currently have any growing in my perennial beds. This plant intrigues me very much!


‘carmichaelii Arendsii’ 40” tall Upright clumps. Leaves are glossy green with deeply cut lopes. Tall spikes of large violet-blue flowers. Deer resistant. Blooms mid to late summer. Zones 4-8.  Monkshood is always a winner in the garden with its tall blue flower spikes. This looks like a great choice!


‘Plum Smokey’ 18” tall. Shorter, compact variety with smokey-purple flowers. Will bloom most of the summer if deadheaded and makes a nice container plant. Attracts hummingbirds. Deer resistant. Zones 5-9.


‘Rheum palmatum’ – 72” tall. Coral red flowers above huge green foliage. Great specimen or back of the border plant. Prefers fertile, well drained soil. Sun to shade. Blooms summer. Zones 3-6. This looks like a beauty! If you have some space and a need for a tall background plant this may be the one for you!


‘Charles Burgess’ 36” tall. Semi-double bright red flowers. Prominent stamens are tipped with gold. Deer resistant. Blooms early summer.

‘Coral Fay’ 30” tall. Semi-double, coral pink flowers. Deer resistant. Blooms late spring.

‘Dr. Alexander Feming’ 30” tall. Double salmon-pink flowers. Deer resistant. Blooms early summer.

‘Early Scout’ – 22” tall. Single, dark red flowers with yellow stamens. Finely cut foliage. One of the earliest peonies to bloom. Deer resistant. Blooms late spring.

‘Moonriver’ 28” tall. Double flowers are creamy white with a pink blush. Mildly fragrant. Deer resistant. Blooms early summer.

‘Pink Dawn’ 38” tall. Single flowers with light pink petals that are speckled a darker pink. Gold stamens. Deer resistant. Blooms early summer.

‘Santa Fe’ 30” tall. Semi-double. Magenta pink outer petals with smaller creamy pink inside petals. Deer resistant. Blooms later than most peonies. Blooms early to mid summer.

‘Shirley Temple’ 36” tall. Double flowers start out a light rose color and turn white. Fragrant. Deer resistant. Blooms late spring.

‘Top Brass’ 34” tall. A tri-colored peony with ivory out petals and a center of light yellow and pink. Deer resistant. Blooms early summer.

Peonies that are fragrant

Fragrant flowers plants are always in demand because with the development of so many hybrid varieties the flower scent is often lost.

‘Shirley Temple’


Garden Phlox - Paniculata

‘Shorty White’ 15” tall. Pure white flowers. Good mildew resistance. Blooms mid-late summer. Zones 4-8.

Creeping Phlox – Stolonifera

‘Home Fires’ 8”-10” tall. Profuse deep pink flowers. Fragrant. Long bloom time. Will take more shade and phlox subulata. Blooms early summer. Sun to part shade. Zones 3-8

Creeping Phlox –Subulata As you can see by the zone listings, creeping phlox is VERY hardy!

‘Candy Stripes’ 4”-6” tall. Pink and white striped flowers. Blooms late spring.Sun to part shade. Zones 2-9.

‘Emerald Pink’ 4”-6” tall. Pink flowers on compact plants. Long flowering. Blooms late spring. Sun to part shade. Zones 2-9.

PINKS Dianthus

‘Dragon Fruit’ 8” tall. Fragrant double flowers. Blooms are bright pink with ruffled magenta markings. Grass-like, gray-green foliage. Blooms early summer to early fall if deadheaded. Deer resistant. Zones 4-9.

‘Tiny Rubies’ 4”-5” tall. Tiny, double rose-pink flowers on mounds of deep green foliage. Clove-like fragrance. Lovely rock garden plant. Bloom early summer and again in early fall. Sun to part shade. Zones 3-9.


OrientaleOriental Poppy

The Oriental poppies can spread so make sure you plant them where you don't mind them edging out some. That being said, the paper like flowers and brilliant colors make this plant a stand out!

‘Fancy Feathers’ 24” tall. Dark pink, semi-double flowers. Petals have fringed edges. Deer resistant. Blooms late spring.

‘Turkenlouis’ 28” tall. Deep red flowers with fringed petals. Deer resistant. Blooms late spring.

‘Summer Breeze Mix’ 12”-15” tall. Yellow to orange flowers similar to Icelandic poppies but because flowers do not set seed they have a very long bloom time. Deer resistant. Blooms early summer. Zones 4-8.


‘Salvana’ 7”-9” tall. ‘Pincushion-like’ cluster of violet-blue flowers. Buds and stems are silvery. Blooms late spring to early summer. Zones 4-7.

Coming soon: R-Z!

Mike Skillin
Skillin's Greenhouses
February 26, 2010

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