Sunday, February 14, 2010

Soil for Containers; My bulbs are Coming Up!

Hello again!

We received a couple of great email questions from our customers in the last couple of days and here they are!

Customer Sharon L had a question about using old soil in containers: "Can I save potting soil from annual plants to reuse later, instead of always buying new potting soil? That is what I have always done, but not sure if it's ok. Always trying to recycle plus save money whenever possible."

Our answer: This is a great question. What I usually do is reuse about ½ of my old soil and devote the other ½ of the container to new soil. For the soil I most often recommend Bar Harbor Blend by Coast of Maine Organics. It is locally produced, it is the BEST soil I have ever used and it is a better price than the brand names—(because it is locally produced and transported).

I devote the unused ½ of the soil to either new containers OR put it in my compost pile. I use quite a bit of my own compost as mulch around my perennials and annuals (another cost saving technique).

Customer Joanne's question: "My daffodils are up about 1/2 inch or more next to the house. No snow. Should I cover them with shredded leaves or leave them alone?"

Our answer: Mine too! This lack of snow plus warm weather has the bulbs like daffodil and crocus revved up. At this point I would leave them alone; they will still blossom at the proper time. When we do get more snow; I will shovel a little extra on top of my daffodils but that is about it!

We love customer questions! Drop us a question anytime at and we will get you an answer. We answer the question directly to you and then if we feel the question is really topical we will include the information (but not give away your identity) right here at the Skillin's Garden Log!

Mike Skillin
Skillin's Greenhouses
February 14, 2010

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