Monday, February 8, 2010

Indoor Vegetable Gardening, Week 2, Some Harvest!

Hello again,

Melissa M and Mary M of Skillin's Falmouth are growing vegetables indoors this winter in their homes. See the post titled Indoor Vegetable Gardening, Part 1, Getting Started! for the beginning of the adventure! Following is an update from Week 2:

Melissa wrote,
"Hi Mike
Thought I'd send you a brief update on the winter garden - This week I ate my first greens from it! I had a salad with some of the spinach (left from last summers garden), broccoli sprouts and micro greens. Very yummy! I have also included a picture of the celery that is growing in the greenhouse - this celery was planted in the garden last summer, it is very slow growing (at least under last summers
conditions) so in the fall we brought it in, planted it in a large tub, wrapped it in remae and put it in a small and unheated greenhouse. Since being inside this new greenhouse they have taken off and are getting quite large! I had the smaller planting of this celery on my windowsill, and have used it all winter in my soups and stews. Fresh grown celery has the most amazing aroma and taste!
Happy growing!
Melissa "

Stay tuned for more indoor vegetable gardening posts and meet Melissa and Mary in person at our upcoming Windowsill Gardening class at Falmouth at 2 PM on February 20!
Mike Skillin
Skillin's Greenhouses
February 8, 2010

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