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Spring 2010 Classes at Skillin's!

Hello again,

What a series of Spring classes we will be having at Skillin's! This is the best assortment of classes ever!

Brunswick 442-8111 Cumberland 829-5619 Falmouth 781-3860
1-800-339-8111 1-800-348-8498 1-800-244-3860


Our FREE classes will be held Saturdays at all three locations (unless otherwise stated) at 10 AM. Space is limited so reserve today for the classes of your choice! Just give us a call at any of the above numbers or drop us a note at skillins@maine.rr.com (just tell us which store location you are interested in! Class participants receive a special Skillin’s 10% discount coupon for use on the weekend of your class.


February 27 The Edible Landscape (10 AM Falmouth & Cumberland, 2 PM Brunswick)
A good landscape makes perfect sense—and what is more sensible and useful than an edible landscape! Let us show you how to grow berries that are blue and red, cherries that are sweet and apples and pears that can’t be beat! Bring a bib; you will be drooling over the possibilities! Free

February 27 The Garden Journal (9 AM Cumberland, Noon Falmouth, 3 PM Brunswick)

Gardening seasons are behind us and more lie just ahead. Learn some neat ways to record what we have done and what we dream; Let’s plan on what we will do and on what we want to see! Join celebrity writer and gardener KCB of Skillin’s Garden Log fame and let’s learn together about how to be impulsively organized. It’s time! Free

March 3, 10, 17, 24 Elements of Floral Design (10 AM Cumberland only)
Join us for a great new, hands-on, class series with an awesome teacher! With power point presentations and hands-on designing, you will learn the elements of form (Class #1), line and space (#2), color (#3), and texture (#4) used in creating a beautiful floral arrangement. A variety of design styles and techniques will be used during the four part series. Come and learn while having lots of fun creating your own special piece. $75.00 includes materials
March 6 Seed Starting (10 am & 2 pm)

You’re just in time; many seeds need to be sown in late winter and early spring. Skillin’s has been performing this ritual for 125 Springs (hey you are as young as you feel!) and we really have it under our green thumb. We will share with you some of our home spun techniques. It’s time to get started. Free

March 13 Fresh Floral Arranging (10 am & 2 pm)
How about brightening your home with fresh flowers arranged by you? This is our most popular hands on class. There is limited space so sign up early. $15.00 material fee (Special encore class scheduled for Falmouth on March 14 @ 2 PM!!)

March 20 Pruning for a Purpose (10 am & 2 pm Brunswick & Cumberland) Special classes March 27 10 AM & 2 PM Falmouth

To prune or not to prune, that is the growing question. Proper pruning makes our outdoor trees and shrubs look great and healthy. Learn techniques to help rejuvenate and keep your landscape in shape. Free

March 20 Vegetable Gardening (9 AM only Falmouth, part of our Open House celebration!)

March 27 Vegetable Gardening (9 AM only Brunswick and Cumberland, part of our Open House celebration!)

Let us give you the best tips going for how to plan and prepare a vegetable garden. Over the years, we have seen the good and the bad so we can advise on the best and safest steps to be had. Free

*MORE Open House classes will be scheduled SOON. Check out details at www.skillins.com or better yet sign up for our email list at www.skillins.com for faster & even more current news about Skillin’s Events!

April 3 Gardening 101 (10 am & 2 pm)

What better way to celebrate spring than to talk about some gardening basics that you may be wondering about. We are gardening in Maine; what plants work reliably the best? Why lime my lawn? What fertilizer should I use that is best for my yard but also our planet? I have a budget, how can I stretch my dollars? For 125 springs we have been answering these and many other gardening questions. Let’s talk gardening and learn. We will emphasize how best to Plant for the Planet in your yard! Free and well worth more!
April 10 Outdoor Gardening with Annuals and Perennials (10 am & 2 pm)

The classics and the new! The red, purple, yellow and blue! Butterflies can be free to fly, hummingbirds to almost sing in your garden. People change, plants too; we would love to show you what to do! Here too, there are some very awesome plants we can show you that grow well in Maine. Free

April 17 The Pursuit of the Rose! (10 am only)

The layers of petals, the bright yet tender colors, the unmatched fragrance; ahh! the pursuit of the rose. We know it can be done; let us show you how it will be done! Free

April 17 Beyond the Bloom! (2 PM only)

AKA “Blooms are the Bonus” but really life is an everyday event. Let us show you how to utilize the texture, color and interest of foliage (and bark!) to create interest before the bloom and beyond! Free

April 24 Container Gardening (10 am only)

There is more than one way to garden. Whether you live in a condo, apartment, or are using small spaces, gardening in containers provides a creative use of limited space. Let us show you how to grow season long flowers in creative ways. Free
April 24 & 25 Container Edibles (2 PM each day)
A new class for Skillin’s! More and more of us want to grow some of our own food as naturally and conveniently as we can! Let us show you how—this will be a great way to learn some new tricks with some old reliable vegetables and herbs that can be grown indoors AND out! Free

May 1 Vegetable Gardening (10 AM Special Time)

Let us show you how to safely and smartly grow your own food. Gardening, especially vegetable gardening can be so rewarding and a fun and healthy activity too for family and friends! Free

May 1 Vine Time (2 PM Special Time)
Spring means the time is fine to talk about the vine. And vertical is in! And what great varieties can be grown! Onward and upward we say to the kiwi! Honeysuckle reach for the sky! Here is clematis! There goes Dutchman’s Pipe—it’s really smoking! Free

June 12 The New Wave: Grasses!! (10 AM Special Time)

You bet your Grass we’re having a class! Grasses set apart any landscape (they give any landscape a natural look of class) and they grow well in Maine. Let us be your guide through the plumes and blooms, the heights and textures and the sights. Want some class? Check out grass! Free

Mike Skillin
Skillin's Greenhouses
February 2, 2010

More classes: Our friends at the Pottery Barn in South Portland are holding a set of complementary classes this Spring. Reservations are needed and can be made by calling the Pottery Barn at 775-6261.

Sunday March 28 11 AM Seasonal Decorating and Entertaining. Refreshing your home with summer decor and getting ready to entertain--out of doors!

Sunday May 20 11 AM The Art of Botanical Arranging. A great class for moms and daughters to attend together.

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