Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Testimonials for Skillin's!

Hello again!

Quite often our staff hears glowing praise for the great service they deliver , for the great plants we grow or for the awesome floral creations we make!

Well...the purpose of this post is to gather some of those "testimonials" in one spot so we can show you our friend and customer what experiences YOUR FELLOW CUSTOMERS have on occasion. Another way of saying it would be to educate you on some of the many fine practices we have here at Skillin's. And yes...maybe just a little bit...to toot our own horn (just a little!).

*4/01/2010-customer Susan--"I spoke to my mother last night and she said that the flowers (delivered by Skillin's) were beautiful.... I wanted to send her something to cheer her up. She really appreciated your lovely arrangement."

*4/01/2010-customer Mary T--"my daughter is getting married in August and for the florist there was no decision to make! There is only ONE florist for us and that is Skillin's!" Mary and her family are great friends and we are so pleased to be a part of such an important day for their family!

*3/27/2010-customer Barbara--"I think we have made it through another winter--thank you for being here for another Spring!" Barbara and I had a good chat at our Brunswick Open House and her enthusiasm was definitely infectious!

*3/20/2010-customer Meredith-"I have just moved to Portland. What an oasis your Falmouth store is!"

*3/16/2010-customer Tim stopped by with his young son. "I love Skillin's ads as well as their Twitter and the info in their Garden Log posts. I always have high expectations when I come here for a visit but you guys always exceed them! Your displays are awesome and always changing!" Thanks Tim, I hope to see you at our Open House celebration!

*2/27/2010-customer Pat wrote in to say: "I loved your winter series of classes, learned a lot and what a way to pass the winter. Now I am looking at your Spring classes and I want to sign up for a bunch. Here we go....". Pat has been a faithful class goer and we are getting lots of signup! Here is our list of classes! Spring 2010 classes at Skillin's!

*2/23/2010-customer George called to sign up for quite a few Spring classes. He just got his mailer. Anyway George told us that he is so impressed at the range of classes and also the quality of several that he has attended!

*2/21/2010-customer John tracked me down and wanted to "personally" tell me "how much so many of us appreciate all you do for all the local gardeners". I haven't seen John in awhile. He loves to give me a hard time and seeing him made me smile. His kind words are much appreciated!

*2/14/2010-customer Marge told me with a big smile "my husband ordered red roses from you for Valentines this year and they were beautiful...I can't stop looking at them...believe he will be back for more next year!" Marge is a good friend and frequent customer who pops in to see us quite often. I don't recall meeting her husband but he sure made a wise choice! Must be a smart guy!

*2/13/2010--customer Paul K says "I am ordering another Valentine's bouquet from you this year...we are STILL talking about how beautiful last year's bouquet was and we can't wait to see what you make this year!" We love that kind of praise! And no we feel no pressure there. We love customer Paul!

Mike Skillin
Skillin's Greenhouses

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